X:1 L:1/1 CCF_GG


2024-01-17 01:56:11

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The path of autumn where leaves fall, and the cold wind whispers with a warm smile. Memories nestled in the heart flow out in a tender melody, making every moment of life feel embraced.
Songs of love and parting, growth and gratitude, envelop the heart, pausing time. In the harmony of warm emotions blooming in the chest, we become one beautiful melody flowing through.


2024-01-17 03:09:19

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Dynamic Expression : Execute the motif with controlled dynamics, emphasizing a subdued range to evoke a sense of emotional coolness. Consider using gradual diminuendos to enhance the icy effect.

Tempo Directive : Play the motif with a deliberate and measured tempo, reflecting the chilling atmosphere embedded in its melodic structure.